Wire EDM

Our engineers use a modern CAD software to create punches for your project using thick blocks of hardened steel that lasers aren’t able to match, without sacrificing precision and quality. SOS Prescott’s wire EDM machine is used to create the tool and die for your project in-house, giving us the capability to produce components that withstand the SOS Prescott standard while providing you with the freedom to give immediate feedback and adjustment requests if there are changes to the tool and die specifications. This is your project, and you’ll have a say in our process throughout the time we’re working with you.

Service Details

Our machine has a tolerance of +/- .00004 inches and a travel capacity of 14.6 in x 20.5 in x 8 in. Our wire EDM department can accommodate almost any customer request for materials, given the availability. SOS Prescott’s wire can cut your tool & dies with hyper-accurate measurements, giving us the capability to provide specific and reliable quotes while being a supplement or featured method of completing your project. We trust our wire to kickstart our projects, and this quality guarantee is always passed to you.

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