After our engineers finish crafting the components for your project, we’ll dedicate time to ensure they’re properly assembled in a way that adds value to your end product. We’ll build your product’s components, find the right materials and techniques for the assembly, and assemble it in-house before delivering it to you. If you have special delivery requests or fragile parts, we’ll custom package them before delivery for protection and preservation.

Service Details

Our assembly process follows the same quality standards as our other services, whether we’re gluing, welding, riveting, or something else. We have a wide range of assembly capabilities, including a coining press for heavy-duty assembly. If the components are fragile, we’ll hand assemble them to create a finished product that preserves the quality of its parts. If you’ve already curated your parts and only need them assembled, SOS Prescott offers assembly as an independent service, even if we didn’t manufacture them!

Custom Packaging and Assembly

Your parts are valuable and deserve the same quality process during delivery as in production so you receive them in the same condition as they left the shop. SOS Prescott will work with you to understand the specific needs of your items during transit and will procure the required packaging materials to preserve the quality of the parts.

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We’ve Developed Long-Term Relationships with Our Customers Through Continuous Improvement and Superior Quality

We are a dedicated family business that treats our customers like family. SOS Prescott’s quality control process emphasizes your satisfaction with our products, and we pride ourselves on 100% on-time delivery with zero defects.

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