Post Production

Not every part requires post-production services. However, for those that do, we make sure that our quality process is applied to every step to reach a finished product that’s refined and ready for use the minute it leaves our shop. Whatever custom requirement you need for your parts, we can accommodate.

Service Details

We offer a multitude of in-house post-production services that act as a capstone for your project. If there’s a post-production request that we don’t fulfill in-house, we’ll work with you to choose the best option from our quality-approved list of vendors that have been heavily vetted to ensure they follow the same quality standards that SOS Prescott takes pride in attaining. Our approved vendors and in-house team offer the following processes:

Our team has the capability to heat treat a variety of parts in-house with fine-tuned thermal processing that will change the properties of your parts to meet your specific requirements. If your parts require a complex heat treatment service, we’ll select one of our certified vendors to complete the process.

All tumbling is done in-house with our quality controlled process that will remove all burrs and sharp edges from your parts. Depending on your project, we offer high-energy or vibratory tumbling solutions to provide the best-end product for you.

All washing is done in-house when included with the order. Our parts washer uses soap to remove oil or other residues from your parts without damaging them. When requested, we’ll guarantee that every part you receive is clean and preserved.

Our certified vendors have both electroplating and electroless plating capabilities to accommodate your project specifications. By request, our vendors can also provide decorative plating such as nickel-chrome plating.

Depending on the needs of your parts, our quality-certified vendors offer Type II and Type III anodizing that will make your part resistant to chipping and peeling while preparing it for any future processes they may require.

Our certified vendors have a wide array of painting capabilities for your parts. We will match your project’s specifications to the vendor that best suits your project’s painting requirements.

We’ll choose from a selection of quality-certified vendors to provide an electropolishing service that’s fine-tuned to your project specifications. Our vendors can electropolish at a variety of depths to create the perfect surface finish for your parts.

We’ll select the perfect vendor for your project based on your silk-screening requirements. Our vendors can service a wide variety of metals with solutions including Thermoplastic, Thermoset, and more.

Our certified vendors will remove any free iron from your order’s surface to reinforce its corrosion resistance. Your part will have a clean finish that’s protected from corrosion without a change in appearance or brightness.

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