Engineering, Tool & Die

SOS Prescott’s designers and engineers have 25 years of experience in tool & die. While working with us, our dedicated tool & die department will be focused on your project throughout its duration. We’re a full-service job shop, meaning that your time will not be wasted finding vendors for different steps of your project. Show us your vision and we’ll create a product that exceeds your expectations.

Service Details

After we complete the quoting process, we’ll design the tool and die punch press equipment in-house to fulfill your order. Our shop has the capability to offer a one-week turnaround time from the initial design to the production of the first article parts. SOS customers are part of the family, and we ensure that the entire process fulfills our quality promise.

Specialty Dies

We have the capability to accommodate the specific needs of our customers by offering a large variety of dies. Everything from class A dies to progressive dies are available so you get the perfect parts for your project.

A Full-Service Shop

We preserve the quality and time-span of your project by tooling, plating, and heat-treating in-house. We design and hold the tool and die on-site, and perform our own tool maintenance. Since your project won’t be passed between the hands of multiple companies, you’re guaranteed that there will be no loss of quality or efficiency.

Precision Cuts

We utilize CAD software and wire electrical discharge machining to make precision cuts that are superior to other tooling techniques. We will run your parts and modify the tool and die accordingly to ensure it matches the print and exceeds expectations.

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We’ve Developed Long-Term Relationships with Our Customers Through Continuous Improvement and Superior Quality

We are a dedicated family business that treats our customers like family. SOS Prescott’s quality control process emphasizes your satisfaction with our products, and we pride ourselves on 100% on-time delivery with zero defects.

Our Promise to You
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