Metal Fabrication

We pride ourselves on adding value to your components without compromising on cost or quality. Whether it’s cutting, bending, welding, or something else, our fabrication team will work closely with you to ensure the end product is exactly what you need and when you need it. SOS Prescott is quality certified, meaning we have a process approach that involves regular checks with the customer in mind.

Service Details

Our expertly trained metal fabrication professionals are fully equipped to handle any customer request. After receiving an order, we drill down and find the best technique and process, whether that’s automated or completed by hand. SOS Prescott’s metal fabrication is precise, efficient, and optimized through analytics to meet our quality standards.

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We’ve Developed Long-Term Relationships with Our Customers Through Continuous Improvement and Superior Quality

We are a dedicated family business that treats our customers like family. SOS Prescott’s quality control process emphasizes your satisfaction with our products, and we pride ourselves on 100% on-time delivery with zero defects.

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